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Type of Study Eligibility Funding Institution/Program Description Deadline Website Contact info
Research on energy conservation Mexican research groups in affiliation with the UC system CONACYT – SENER/ Sustentabilidad Energética The objective of this program is to encourage research in the areas of energy and applied technology. With the high demand of energy coming from public buildings and urban services, the transition into a low carbon-based society is what this program is aiming for. June 21, 2017
Collaborative research seed funding UC  & Mexico Researchers UC MEXUS-CONACYT Grants for Collaborative Projects Call for proposals to provide seed funding to teams of UC and Mexican researchers with beginning projects in basic and applied collaborative research, instructional development, and public service and education projects that apply research to public issues.  February/March (Recurring annually) Andrea Kaus, Director of Research Programs, UC MEXUS, tel: 951.827.3456, email:

Luis Humberto Fabila Castillo, Director for Basic Scientific Research, CONACYT, tel: (55) 53.22.7700 ext 6100, email:
Small grants for research UC Researchers UC MEXUS Small Grants A small grants competition for travel, short-term research, initial planning, or other special one-time needs related to the seed phase of projects or programs conducted by UC researchers or research teams Monthly Andrea Kaus, Director of Research Programs, UC MEXUS, tel: 951.827.3456, email:
NEXUS Research Network Mexico Researchers Fulbright-NEXUS (Regional Network for Applied Research) Grant to participate in a research network regarding climate change, teams of 20.  March (Recurring Annually) email:
Research Networks UC Researchers NSF Research Coordination Networks (RCN) Creation of new research networks to provide  opportunities to foster new collaborations, including international partnerships, and address interdisciplinary topics. Innovative ideas for implementing novel networking strategies, collaborative technologies, and development of community standards for data and meta-data are especially encouraged January (Recurring Annually) Alan J. Tessier, NSF, tel: 703.292.7198, email:
Charles Sullivan, NSF, tel: 703.292.7121, email:
Research UC Researchers NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program NSF encourages CAREER Principal Investigators to include international/global dimensions in their projects.  As appropriate, the CAREER proposal should delineate how its activities fit within the context of expertise, facilities, data, and other resources that are being applied globally in relevant areas of research and education, and how the CAREER award would position the Principal Investigator and his/her organization to take a leadership role. If applicable, the proposal should clearly state how the research and education activities will be enhanced by international engagements, and should describe the benefits to participants in the U.S. and abroad. July (Recurring Annually) Refer to NSF website for contact information by discipline and country:
Research UC Researchers Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM This program accepts proposals for innovative research projects to foster ethical STEM research in all of the fields of science and engineering that NSF supports, including within interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and international contexts. February (Recurring Annually) General inquiries regarding this program:
Research experiences for undergraduates UC Researchers Research Experiences for Undergraduates The REU program encourages active research projects with an international dimension. Appropriate REU Site and REU Supplement proposals can be considered for co-funding by NSF's Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE). International projects typically involve partnering a U.S. REU project with one or more international collaborators in a specific institution or organization. Successful international REU projects include (1) true intellectual collaboration with a foreign partner and (2) benefits that are realized from the expertise, specialized skills, facilities, phenomena, or other resources that the foreign collaborator or research environment provides. August
(Recurring Annually) See REU Site Contacts:
Research UC Researchers MacArthur Foundation MacArthur Foundation has three grantmaking programs in Mexico: population and reproductive health, human rights and justice, and migration Liliane Loya, Program Officer - Mexico
Email:; Tel:
Research UC Researchers Open Society Foundations: Latin America Program Four areas of interest: Accountability and Transparency; Policy Debate and Dialogue; Human Rights; Citizen Security Ongoing LOI to
Cultural Exchanges UC Researchers National Association of Latino Arts and Culture Supports cultural exchanges that promote grassroots artistic collaboration and strengthen social networks between linked communities in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. Ongoing



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